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Eleanor of Aquitaine

The only woman to be Queen of England and France. She is the most famous queen of the Middle Ages. Out of her ten children, her most famous is Richard the Lion Heart. Known for joining the unsuccessful second crusade.
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Henry the Young King

Son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, he was the heir to the English throne. He was crowned titular King in 1170 which resulted in him revolting against his father in a bid for real power. He died at 28 of dysentery
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Henry II of England

Although French, Henry became the King of England in 1154. He was married to Eleanor of Aquitaine and they had eight children together. Some of his sons revolted against him in a claim for the throne.
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Second Crusade

A military campaign organised by European nobles who wanted to recapture Edessa on Mesopotamia from the Muslim Turks. It was a failure in reclaiming this land but with small victories in other parts of the region.
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Richard the Lion Heart

Richard I was the fifth son who became King when his older brothers died first. Known for being a great military leader, taking part of the Third Crusade. He was captured and held for ransom on his way back to England.
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Medieval Sex Rules

The Medieval Church had significant control over how people had sex. These include only allowing some days of the week, no one could be fully naked, banned on holy days. There were an estimated 45-47 days where it was ok
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