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Joel Chandler Harris

A writer who is known for his Uncle Remus tales. These parables became the basis for the Disney film Song of the South. The stories were allegedly those he heard from slaves on the plantation where he grew up.
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Walt Disney

A commercial illustrator who founded one of the biggest film studios in the world, he created animated classics which still endure today. Followed by controversy for his political views, Disney died of cancer at 65.
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Walt Disney Company began as an independent animation studio by brothers Walt and Roy. It started with shorts before its first feature film. Eventually it expanded to a company including books, merchandise and parks.
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Song of the South

A controversial film made by Disney. The first to feature a black person as a main character, it is set in post-civil war Georgia. It has been called out for it’s racist depictions. It is not featured on Disney Plus.
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A theme park created by Walt Disney which had welcomed over 700 million visitors since it first opened. Created with different “lands” it draws on Disney film creations like Mickey Mouse for its rides and amusements.
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