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Ancient Diving Bells

The earliest deep sea diving devices were structures inverted to trap air before submersion. Aristotle tells us Alexander the Great made a “very fine barrel entirely of white glass” to explore the undersea world.
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Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire controlled much of Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa in the 14th - early 20th centuries, forming a crossroads of religious, political, intellectual and cultural exchange between East and West.
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Ottoman Imperial Harem

Introduced in Turkish society with Islam, harem (“forbidden”) — the Sultan’s private household of wives, concubines and children — was a key symbol of his power. But its inhabitants wielded political power of their own.
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Book Of The Dead

A collection of magic spells and practical guidance for ancient Egyptians facing the trials of the underworld that stood between the deceased and everlasting life. Typically hieroglyphics or hieratic script on papyri.
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Roman Baths of Caracalla

At the Baths of Caracalla, bathing was just the tip of the iceberg. Adorned with mosaics, statues, and frescoes, the 26-acre complex boasted libraries, meeting rooms, sports facilities, a park, and an Olympic-size pool.
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Aurora consurgens

Aurora Consurgens - Latin “Rising Dawn” - is a key work of alchemical writing in the European tradition. It is a 15thc illuminated manuscript depicting alchemical symbols in human, animal, and architectural form.
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The Tea Horse Road

A 2000mi trail network active from the 7th-mid 20th centuries which spread tea culture from China to Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and India, it irrevocably changed Chinese culture and the emergent global economy.
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Donald Trump

Reality TV personality & businessman who served as 45th US president. His single term saw violent protests both for and against policies many deem populist, isolationist, racist. “Fake news” denizen. Impeached twice.
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The Egyptian Hall

In 1829, conjoined (“Siamese”) twins Chang and Eng made their first appearance here. ‘Freak Show’ promoters billed them as "two youths of eighteen, natives of Siam, united by a short band at the pit of the stomach.”
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Maya Bloodletting

Classic Maya nobles used ceremonial bloodletting rituals (ch'ahb' or “penance” in glyphs of the Mayan Ch’olan language) to communicate with the gods, ensuring rain and a bountiful corn harvest for their urban populations
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