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Rosemary Kennedy

Oldest daughter or Rose and Joe Kennedy. She suffered from a mental disability brought on during birth. She had mood swings and was given a lobotomy at 23. The surgery left her unable talk. This was all kept a secret.
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John F. Kennedy

The 35th President of the United States. He served as President from 1961 and is known for guiding the US through the Cold War and promising to land a man on the Moon. He married Jackie Bouvier. He was assassinated.
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Bobby Kennedy

The seventh of nine children born to Rose and Joe, Bobby followed in the family tradition by entering politics. He served as Attorney General and as a US Senator before running for President. He was assassinated in 1968.
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Rose Kennedy

The mother of JFK and wife of Joe, Rose had nine children and was the matriarch of this political family. She was a devout Catholic, with strict beliefs and became a Papal Countess. She died at 104 of pneumonia.
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Joe Kennedy Jr.

The oldest of the Kennedy children of Rose and Joe Sr. He was expected to become President and make his family’s political aspirations a reality. He enrolled in Harvard but was killed during WW II as part of the US Navy.
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Joe Kennedy

Patriarch of the Kennedy family. Married to Rose and fathered nine children. Successful businessman and realtor he built his personal fortune and family empire. He groomed his children for a life in politics.
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