Great Leap Years

The stories behind inventions

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Gutenberg Printing Press

One of the most important inventions in human history. Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press enabled a new era of communication and distribution of ideas. Led to a rise in learning and literacy and changed medieval society
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Agricultural Revolution

Also Neolithic Revolution. Thought to have occurred in Mesopotamia around 10,000 BC when humans first decided to change lifestyle from hunter-gathering to settling and farming.
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Barley Mother

Notional name given to the theoretical first human who suggested that people should settle in one place and cultivate crops instead of wondering the land as hunter-gatherers.
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Cognitive Revolution

Early humans developed language skills that became the foundation of the Cognitive Revolution, allowing them to transmit knowledge with more precision and using less energy.
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Homo Sapiens Evolve

Earliest fossel evidence around 300,000 years ago, but first AMH (anatomically modern humans) approx 200,000 BC
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