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FSLN - socialist party of Nicaragua. Overthrew dictator dynast (Somoza) (1979) and took power until 1990 when overthrown w/ help of US gov’t. This marked start of civil war.
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Don Quixote

By Miguel Cervantes - 1st modern novel, its style has inspired many great works. 1st part in 1605, 2nd in 1615. Through the years interpretations of the plot have varied (ethics, comical, social critique).

Cabbage Patch Kids

The hit Christmas toys in the mid 1980s, selling for 10 times their retail price, making billions of dollars and breaking every record. However poor management lead manufacturer, Coleco, to file for bankruptcy in 1988.
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Alexandra Feodorovna (Alix of Hesse)

The favourite grandchild of Queen Victoria, Alix became the last Tzarina of Russia when she married Nicholas. She had five children but was most concerned with her sickly. She was assassinated along with her children.
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Achaemenid Persian Empire

Founded by Cyrus the Great. Spanned from Balkans to Indus Valley. Bureaucratic system with roads postal service and one dominant language. Largest empire until conquered by Alexandre the Great.

Miles Davis

He was a Jazz trumpeter and composer. Released various albums in a career that spanned five decades. Hits include Milestones (1958) and Kind of Blue (1959). Considered to be one of the greatest 20th century musicians.

Russian Revolution

An uprising led by Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks. It was the beginning of the Communist Party and USSR. They were looking for workers rule. It led to s civil war between factions with the Bolsheviks winning.
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Ypres Salient

Battleground in Belgium - an important and highly contested territory on the Western front during WWI. Site where chemical weapons were first used by the Germans.
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Manhattan Project

The research and development of atomic bombs. Inspired by Einstein and a fear that German scientists would get there first, the project was led by the U.S. It resulted in the first atomic bomb attack, Hiroshima.

Henry the Young King

Son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, he was the heir to the English throne. He was crowned titular King in 1170 which resulted in him revolting against his father in a bid for real power. He died at 28 of dysentery
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Nelson Mandela

First black and democratically-elected president of South Africa. He fought against the apartheid as part of the African National Congress and spent 27 years in prison. He became a symbol of peace and reconciliation.

The Laughing Plague

A mass psychogenic illness which spread through villages in Tanzania. It began in a girls boarding school with the students unable to stop laughing. These bouts lasted between a couple of hours and 16 days.
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Lascaux cave paintings

These prehistoric paintings in the Southwest of France are famous for their depictions of animals. Picasso’s words upon exiting the cave with painted walls were that “we have learned nothing in twelve thousand years”.

Anwar Sadat

One of the Free Officers who overthrew the king in 1952. 3rd president of Egypt. Lead Yom Kippur War, later signed peace treaty w/ Israel (1978) and viewed as a traitor. Assassinated by fundamentalists.


The popular toy started life when naval engineer Richard James accidentally knocked a spring he was developing for warships off a shelf. He watched it ‘walk’ and soon developed the Slinky selling over 300 million units!
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David Byrne

He is an American-British singer-songwriter, predominantly renowned as the founder and lead singer of the band—Talking Heads. Part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Popularised American New Wave. Founder of Luaka Bop.

Henry II of England

Although French, Henry became the King of England in 1154. He was married to Eleanor of Aquitaine and they had eight children together. Some of his sons revolted against him in a claim for the throne.
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A village in Tanzania which was ground zero for the 1962 laughing plague where 217 school children were struck with uncontrollable laughter. It sits on the western coast of Lake Victoria.
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Macedonian Empire

After conquering Persian Empire, it became largest empire in 334bc, spanned from Greece to India. Crossroad b/w Balkan and Mediterranean cultures. Many scientific and artistic achievements.
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